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Educative Trainings, Workshops, and Focus Group Discussion


Access to the UK's Markets


Brand Awareness, Digital Access, Partnership

What is ISME UK?

Indonesian SMEs Community in the UK

Established on 5th March 2021, ISME UK is an organisation for Indonesian SMEs in the UK.  The objectives of this organisation are:

  • To provide Indonesian’s SMEs with supports in doing their business through trainings, workshops and focus group discussions.
  • To help Indonesian’s SMEs promote their products or services to the wider international community in the UK by organising events, working closely with City Councils in the UK and government bodies in Indonesia, and participating in public events in the UK.
  • To bridge SMEs in Indonesia to have access to the UK’s markets.


Why Us...

According to the 2011 UK census, there are 8,659 Indonesian-born in England. Less than 1% are independent business operators offering Indonesian products, goods and services.  These independent businesses spread all around and across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The majority of them concentrate their trading in London and the remainder in some cities in the UK.

Until today, there has not been a place or an organisation in the UK where the international community can find information about or buy Indonesian’s products and services easily.  Very often Indonesian’s products are mistakenly confused with the products from our neighbouring countries like Malaysia or Thailand.  Although the demand for all about Indonesia in the UK is promising, it is hard to discover the specialities these small and medium businesses can offer.   With such minuscule availability and hard to find items, it is no wonder that Indonesian products, goods, and services are hard to come by.

ISME UK is the answer to a big need to unify and give proper support to Indonesian SMEs in the UK.  It is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide a platform, educate and deliver Indonesia’s best in the UK.  So, we can work together in a more sustainable way to promote Indonesia on a regular basis.

Who are the Committee?

The Committee..

A handful of dedicated Indonesian entrepreneurs residing in the UK recognised the potential to grow the market through synergy to provide market access and high-quality services.

Our committee consists of independent businesses with ample experience in accessing the UK’s market for Indonesian products and services in their own right.  They also understand that to sustain their hard work; they must ally with like-minded people and create a cooperative network with various stakeholders.

Sisca Dunworth


Yani Sampurno

General Secretary 1

Responsible for:
Treasurer & Marketing Communication and Events Division 

Kusumaaji Pramanajati

General Secretary 2

Responsible for:
Membership and Training Division & Partnership Division

Henny Gunawan


Sutri Ruliyana

Marketing Communications and Events Division

Ramona Towle

Membership and Training Division

Trigo Neo Starden

Partnership Division

Aqaya Davenport

Partnership Division

Virni Tirtosupono

Partnership Division

Zukni Legowo

Partnership Division

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