ISMEX 2022 | Indonesian SMEs Expo


An annual event (exhibition, trade, and cultural diplomacy) to promote Indonesian SME products and services to a wider network in the UK. Event Overview: ISME UK Expo (ISMEX) is an annual event organised by ISME UK, a UK-based non-profit organisation…

ISME UK Pop-Up (2022)

ISME UK Pop-Up (2022)

ISME UK Pop-Up (2022) Another brand of ISME UK activity is ISME UK Pop-up, an event designed to be smaller in size compared to the ISME UK Expo, featuring Small-Medium Scale Enterprise traders who want to try out the market…



ISME UK EXPO (2021) The 1st event was organized by ISME UK featuring 15 traders from ISME UK members and 14 traders from MSMEs assisted by BI and BNI. The event was in collaboration with Oxford City Council. The Indonesian…

Bristol & ISME UK Collaboration (2021)

ISME UK collaboration 2021 (2)

Bristol & ISME UK Collaboration (2021) The first public event was in collaboration with the Bristol Indonesian Society, where members ISME UK participated in this highly sought after and sold-out event and become the first foothold of ISME UK.

ISME UK 1st Event (2021)

1st Event ISME UK

ISME UK 1st Event (2021) After the pandemic period passed, ISME UK organized a gathering to welcome and celebrate the birth of this organization. The event was held at the private residence of Mrs. Yayah Wise, Redgate. Invitees include the…

Steps Required to Start a Business in the UK

1. Register your business  at Company House: There are generally three types to register a business in the UK:  Sole Trader:  Personally responsible including accounts receivable Limited Company: Responsible for the extent of the  obligations stated in the  formation of…