The Corner by Siti

Siti Fatkharatun The Corner by Siti is an Indonesian food restaurant based in the seaside town of Llantwit Major, Wales. Ibu Siti, the owner, provides Indonesian signature and unique dishes such as Nasi Liwet Bunga Telang, Sate Lilit Ikan, Nasi…

Redfern Kitchen

K. Pramanajati Pramanajati runs a business called Redfern Kitchen which provides homemade style Indonesian ready-meal products. Their food taste and feel like home. The menu is just like what Indonesians typically serve at home daily. And they use only halal…

The Sampurno’s Kitchen

Yani and Bambang Sampurno They run a food catering business called The Sampurno’s Kitchen in Oxford. The Sampurno’s Kitchen provides Indonesian signature dishes such a Nasi Tumpeng, Telur Pindang, and many more. Find them on Instagram!

Enggi’s Kitchen

Enggi Holt She has been running a food catering business called Enggi’s Kitchen for about 15 years in Bristol. Enggi’s Kitchen provides Indonesian signature dishes such as Nasi Kuning, Nasi Bakar, Nasi Uduk, and many more.

Product Styling by Stefano Malachi

Stefano Malachi Social Media Workhshop Product Styling

Our next event is about Product Styling! Having a good photo of your products is important, but sometimes it doesn’t engage the audience – well, is it good enough then? It might be your photo doesn’t stand out and it…