The Founder, Ibu Sisca Dunworth.

At IndoMarket, you will find authentic Indonesian products to fill up your kitchen’s cabinet, from Indonesian famous spices, herbs, drinks, and snacks.

We’re passionate about Indonesian food and culture. After all, we’re Indonesians, and we do love our food, clothes and jewellery!

When we came to the UK, many years ago, it was hard to find Indonesian food and products. There were Indian shops, Chinese shops, Asian shops – but no Indonesian shops. The Indonesian community worked together to share the few species, flavours and products we could get from home – but it wasn’t easy.

At the same time, we found through cooking demonstrations, festivals and sharing food with our new friends that many British people loved the rich food of our home country. (We also found that Indonesian spices worked brilliantly in fusion cooking with delicious British vegetables, meat and fish!)

So IndoMarket was set up with a mission – both to provide Indonesians with access to the foods they know and love, and to introduce a whole new generation of people to our rich cuisine and culture.

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