ISMEX 2022

Application Form

TRADING AT ISMEX OXFORD 26-27th November 2022

ISMEX 2022, Broad Street Oxford, is a very popular amongst students and visitors of Oxford.  There will be approximately 2000-2500 per day of visitors during this two day event.

ISMEX 2022

  • Saturday, 26th November 11.00 AM – 20.00 PM
  • Sunday 27th  November 2022 11AM – 18.00 PM

ISMEX 2022 is held as part of the ISME UK annual program. The event will feature Business Forum, Indonesian’s cultural show, children’s activities, Indonesian street food and high quality crafts and gifts.

Please note that special consideration will be given to traders selling food/drinks in the following categories: Halal, Kosher and vegan food, ‘healthier’ food options, non-alcoholic drinks such as smoothies, shakes and juices.

General Information:

  • Trading will take place from inside a big tent provided by ISME UK.  If you are a member of ISME UK, a discounted price is available.
  • We expect traders to comply with our policy on waste and recycling, the use of communal kitchen, the sale of alcohol and drugs.
  • Traders selling food and drink must be registered with their local authority and have a hygiene rating of at least three.
  • Anybody selling food for immediate consumption, hot or cold, will be expected to comply with the General Food Hygiene Requirements for Food Businesses as referenced in our Food Safety Guidance such as having hand-washing facilities available and having wipeable surfaces.
  • All traders must have £5m Public Liability Insurance. Additionally, if you employ staff on your stall, you must have Employers Liability Insurance.

Pitch and Pricing Information:

All Traders must book for 2 (two) days trading, Saturday 26th November and 27th November 2022.
Discounts are ONLY available for ISME UK members.

The Application Process:

The application form will be sent after you fill the Form of interest.

Make sure you have ALL your documents ready before you fill the application.

  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance for £5m
  • A photograph of your stall or vehicle at a similar event
  • Evidence of Employers Liability Insurance (where applicable)
  • Electrical safety certificates (where applicable)
  • Food hygiene certification (where applicable)
  • Personal Licence (where applicable)
  • Risk Assessment

Your application will not be considered complete until you have provided ALL documents.

Please note that no payment will be taken at this stage of the application. Only when the success of your application has been confirmed will you be asked to pay. You will be able to do this online and  all payments must be received by the deadline. Traders who have not made payment will not be admitted to the site to trade.