ISMEX 2022 | Indonesian SMEs Expo

An annual event (exhibition, trade, and cultural diplomacy) to promote Indonesian SME products and services to a wider network in the UK.

Event Overview:

ISME UK Expo (ISMEX) is an annual event organised by ISME UK, a UK-based non-profit organisation for Indonesian SMEs in the UK.  Until today, there has not been a place or an organisation in the UK where the international community can find information about Indonesian products and services easily.  We hope that ISME UK Expo event can fulfill the need to give proper support to Indonesian SMEs both in the UK and in Indonesia in a more sustainable way to promote Indonesia on a regular basis.  This event also aims to act as a platform for UK and Indonesian businesses to meet up to discuss future trade potentials.

It is a two-day event, open for public with free admission from 11 am to 8 pm.  There will be stalls exhibiting various Indonesian’s creative products and services from arts & crafts, batik, jewelleries to its authentic and delicious Indonesian food (no alcohol).  The stage will be filled with performances from different parts of Indonesia to show how beautiful and diverse Indonesian culture is.  Apart from that, there will be workshops where visitors can have a hands-on experience on various things.

ISME UK Expo is also aimed to show how vibrant and the diverse City of Oxford is, to show how the Indonesians who live, work and study in Oxford are very much part of the big City of Oxford family who works hand in hand in harmony to create a happy place to live for all of us.

Event Detail:

Supported by: KBRI UK, Bank Indonesia, Oxford City Council

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