March Festival 2022 in Bristol, ISME UK POP-UP

Starting 2022 onwards, ISME UK will be visiting cities in the UK to introduce the Indonesian Pop-up Market. Highlighting Indonesian small businesses based in the UK to showcase their skills and passion, this small but engaging event aim to bring Indonesia closer to the UK. To start, Bristol will be the first city to connect with Indonesia, and if you would like your town to be part of the journey, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What to expect on your first visit to our Pop-up market in Bristol?

  • a culinary journey from the island of Sumatra, to the island of Sulawesi and to the Jawa island
  • an information on out of this world holiday spots in Indonesia and this not only Bali!
  • Love Badminton? We got you covered!! There will a live streaming of the All England Cup at the event.

See you all in soon in Bristol!

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