Why You Need to Shift to Online Business During This Time from Digital Marketing’s Perspective

[OptimAds Digital] Today’s technological advances offer many opportunities for businesses to use the information to increase productivity. Especially during this pandemic, the prospects for digital marketing and online business are soaring along with the harsh transition from close contact to completely remote working. In the retail industry, a study from Google found that 81% of global shoppers spend a lot of their shopping time online, not just in-store, during the past week (Google, 2019).

According to Statista (2020), active internet users, until October 2020, reached 4.66 billion people or around 59% of the total population in the world, where mobile internet users reached 91% of total internet users. China, India, United States, and Indonesia which in fact are the largest population countries, also possess a high level of internet users (Statista, 2020).

Products or services that are available on online shelves are more preferable to be purchased by 96% of internet users as reported by We Are Social (2019). Hence by the year 2021, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.9 B (Shopify, 2019).

One believes that the growing online habits tend to continue until post-pandemic time. By considering this potential, it can be concluded that digital marketing has a huge opportunity in meeting businesses and consumers. Digital marketing becomes an added value in presenting flexibility and ease of shopping for business-consumer relationships.

This condition certainly challenges your business to be adaptable with a new method of sales strategies which is an online business. 

Digital marketing grows your business effectively and affordably through the use of social media, email, websites, and others.

When you switch to use digital marketing in promoting your products or services, various relevant benefits can help your business to survive throughout the time of pandemics. Digital marketing presents a larger market area with organic traffic that can reach more than 34% as digital marketing reaches mobile users very precisely (Sunmedia, 2020). Besides, this method allows your business to reach new potential buyers based on chosen targets with various online sales platforms such as social media, websites, and marketplaces that can be utilized. 

Have you ever thought of how your business can compete with big companies?

A digital marketing campaign is still the answer. It can be optimized through various channels such as Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, etc. By using a solid digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and regularly monitoring the effectiveness of the channel will increase your brand and sales or even compete with big companies simultaneously.

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