Steps Required to Start a Business in the UK

1. Register your business  at Company House:

There are generally three types to register a business in the UK:

  •  Sole Trader:  Personally responsible including accounts receivable
  • Limited Company: Responsible for the extent of the  obligations stated in the  formation of a legal entity
  • Partnership: the division of responsibilities of   each  party to the extent of  what has been agreed in the  deed of incorporation

2. Regulations Related to Business

Depending on the business to be run, you must understand whether your type of business requires:

  • Licenses or permits for example selling food/opening a store/opening a service
  •  Insurance

 Other rules that must be understood are:

  • Whether the sale is made online
  • Purchase or sale of  goods from/to outside the UK region
  • Storing  personal data/information

3. Find out what are your responsibility if:

  • Running a business from home
  • Running a business by renting a place

4. If you want to hire someone else, you should pay attention to:

  • Running payroll
  • Pay national health insurance for your employees
  • Providing workplace pensions to eligible staff

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