Triple Hot Spicy

Zukni Legowo

Triple hot spicy was born from our determination to introduce the uniqueness of Indonesian culinary in the UK. Long story short, the owner of triple hot spicy Zukni Legowo is a culinary enthusiast who has dedicated his life to the world of FnB business.

Starting from his experience working on a cruise ship as a chef, pursuing the culinary business by introducing Indonesian meatball in London (for approximately 20 years), to establishing triple hot spicy thus he can provide Indonesian cuisines with a more diverse menu. In addition to introducing Indonesian traditional culinary to the world, we also have the aim of making it easy for Indonesians to ease their homesickness.

With a long process that full of trial and error, we try to continue to explore the originality of Indonesian food. Therefore we can present dishes that are accepted by our customers’ heart. Starting from a long journey of home running business, we currently have opened a cafe in the middle of London and ready to serve our customers wholeheartedly. 

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